Lucky Tree

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RTP 96%

Volatility MÉD.

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RTP 96%
Volatility MÉD.

Lucky Tree

Understand Lucky Tree and Play Today

Developed by Bally, you can make sure this has all the quality needed for you. That's why it became as popular as it is nowadays. So you can enjoy this whenever you want. A very important advantage is that you can play the Lucky Tree on any tablet and smartphone that exists, whether android or iOS. This is very advantageous for players who do not have a computer, and this is common these days. This has 5 columns and 30 paylines. Your minimmas bets are 30 cents up to € 45 per spin. Enjoy the many bonuses that this slot will only give you by playing. One of the fantastic features of Lucky Tree is to be able to play horizontally and vertically. This is possible with this slot.

Wait for the best of this slot, with excellent graphics that are very detailed and give you all the advantages. They are really a good choice for you. It is very important that you may have the possibility to play in this slot. Be sure to enjoy what she has for you, because it's a lot. If you are looking for a good slot, then know that choosing this is something right.

What symbols and bonuses that Lucky Tree has

Since the theme of Slot is the tree of money, which in China is a very special tree because it gives money to people. It is obvious that everyone really likes this, because it can get some money with it. In this you can find lotus flowers, frogs, fish, turtle, bamboo. The dragon gives you 20 000 coins when you appear 5 in any position in the columns, which is great. There is also the gold coin, which is the Wild symbol. Lucky cat and Yin Tang can become Wilds with some help from this tree.

When talking about the bonuses, then there is the Mystery of the Wild currency that is randomly activated during the base game, where you will see the tree shaking with 2 to 7 coins that will fall. These coins will become Wild symbols. If one of these coins falls into a cat of fortune or then a Yin Yang, it becomes both a Wild and Scatter.

Then there are also free spins, which are quite advantageous. With 3 scatters that appear in the 3 columns of 3, you will receive 10 spins. During the bonus, 3 scatters can give you another 10 spins up to a maximum of 20 spins. During these, there is the possibility of the Mystery of the Wild currency to activate. This can give you 7 Wilds on each spin.

Last you can enjoy a game of choice. To do so have to have 3 scatters like cat or cat wild in columns 1, 3 and 5 at the same time. Then you have to choose between 3 spheres that will reveal between 6 to 15 possible choices. Then you will have to choose which symbols. These can give you lots of things such as cash prizes, which is great.

Receive money with Lucky Tree

Since it is a slot based on a tree that aims to give to whom the plant money, then Lucky Tree has everything so you can make money as well. With this you have the opportunity to get a good amount of coins, and everything will depend on your bets. Benefit from the bonuses it has and you will see that it is an excellent for you.

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