Dwarf Mine

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RTP 96.8%

Volatility MÉD.

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RTP 96.8%
Volatility MÉD.

Dwarf Mine

All about Dwarf Mine

This slot was developed by Yggdrasil, a well-known company that has huge slots in casinos online and that is extremely emblematic. This is really the best companies around the world due to the quality of your slots, which are excellent and very worshiped by the players. Dwarf Mine has 5 columns and 1024 payment lines. The bets that can be made range from the 10 cents to € 125 euros, which is great for those who like to make higher bets. Players can access this slot on multiple devices as this was developed with HTML5 which allows it to be possible to play through a iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, which is really something very good for players.

In terms of graphics this slot has very good graphics that are something to point out very positively. The gameplay is also great and is a slot with a very funny theme that gives us a lot of pleasure to play, and this is very good because it gives the player makes the player want to return to play again. Soundtrack is perfect and this gives the slot more quality.

What symbols and bonus exist in this slot

Be brought to the dwarf mines with this slot, where you will find everything to do with them. The symbols are related to the theme and that is why you can find homes, swords, cups and sticks. You will also find lanterns, axes, blades and helmets. Virtually what is used in the mines. Of course, when 3 equal symbols can then get a winning combination. If more than 1 symbol on a column appears then a multiplier is added.

Pay attention to the bonus symbol that only opens only in columns 1, 3 and 5 because it expands by 1 column - each column can expand by 3 lines. This means that the number of possibilities of payment lines increase to 16,807 which is great. This bonus is known as expandable columns.

However, Dwarf Mine also has free spins that are worshiped by the players. These are activated when you have 3 bonus symbols in columns 1, 3 and 5. So when this happens, you receive 10 spins and the set will increase for a set of 5x7.

You should pay attention to the collective symbols that only appear on the expanded lines during the normal game. When you have 5 the same color then you will activate the free collection spins that give you 5 spins. This bonus has symbols with very high values that have 4 stones of different colors. The red is the symbol that has the most value and it gives you 4 times your bet when 5 will appear in a payment line. This bonus is also played on a 5x7 set.

A slot that is excellent and that gives you many opportunities

Dwarf Mine is an incredible slot that has something that many others do not have: expandable columns and this makes all the difference. This is really something that players like because it makes them earn some extra money. In addition there are still the 2 free spins bonuses that are great. It is a very well developed Ygdrasil slot that has everything needed to have fun for one afternoon.

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