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RTP 94%

Volatility MÉD.

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RTP 94%
Volatility MÉD.


Created by the prestigious IGT, CATS ("Cats") adopts as the theme the wild "cats", that is, the great felines that hide, flee, hunt and exhibit their special charm in African savannas and other specific habitats. Sonority comprises a vague evocation of the 1980s that will leave joyful the most healthy; Already the graphics, not being absolutely splendid, do not disillusion - especially being a game that compensates for its effectiveness and simplicity.

Characteristics of the game

Cats is a 5-wheeled game, 3 lines and 30 paylines ("paylines"). The lion, the tiger, the panther and other felines will rotate in its slots along with the aces and the figures of the card deck. Two symbols will capture your special attention: Wild (which represents any other symbol, like a Joker), which is the game logo, and the scatter, represented by Felino's footprint.
A distinctive feature of this game is the "Split", symbolizing the ability to camouflage and feline surprise. Each feline symbol may come in regular or "split" form, that is, in duplicate (two lions, two panthers, etc.) The winning combinations point not to the number of symbols but to the number of felines existing in each line, with a maximum of 10.
The bets are very elastic, since the player can adjust the bet amount in each of the 30 paylines. Being running between 1 and 30 paylines, the player has a wide field of action - such as a cheetah with the savannah in front of him.


With four footprints, the player wins his full bet in duplicate. But a minimum of five footprints in "Reels" 2 to 4 give the player a free play set (free spins). The extra bonus ends when the player gets 10,000 coins or when they run out free players.

Simple, fast and full of possibilities

Like a feline, Cats is a fairly simple game to understand, very fast (both in the Leck and on platform loading itself, also in iOS and Windows) and full of possibilities, since the player can adjust their bets.

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