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RTP 96%

Volatility HIGH

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RTP 96%
Volatility HIGH

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The 88 Fortunes is an original Slot Machines game of Macao Casinos and whose popularity has been growing a little throughout the world through the ubiquity of online Australia casinos. The theme is inspired by the traditional Chinese symbology, especially in the character attributed to the number 8 as a symbol of luck and prosperity.

Characteristics of the game

The game, which offers 243 combinations of victory, presents "standard" and "gold" versions of various icons, namely the turtle, the boat, the chalice, the bird and the currency. Special highlight for the bat "Wild Fu", considered a special symbol of luck, and that works like "Joker", and can replace all the rest.
Bets start at $ 0.88 and end at $ 88,00. Given the "magical" predominance of the number 8 in this game, it would be possible to think that the RTP rate (the "return to the player", that is, the previously defined "odd" premiums) should also end in 8; The fact that it is 96% would be so an error. However, 96% is precisely a multiple of 8 (12 x 8), which comes to dictate a little more the aura of mystery around 88 Fortunes.


There are four jackpots, with the player to be able to qualify for the higher jackpots if his bet is higher as well. When the player can activate the Bat Jackpot "Wild Fu", it will be rewarded with 15 coins drawn, that will determine the value that will receive.


To the right of the screen, the player has access to all the information that allow him to understand the game, namely the payment table ("payout"), the jackpot values and also the automatic game mode ("auto play"). If the player intends the machine to play in itself, you can pre-define 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200 round sessions. There are some extra options, such as the possibility of stopping an automatic session as soon as you can earn a certain cash value.

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