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The Slot Machines are one of the classic casino games, and it is almost unthinkable to imagine a true casino without a set of bright slots, with "blinking" premiums, their electrifying sounds and the classic "jackpot" with a lot of coins to fall Miraculously to the ground, without the player to have "hands" to catch them all. The prize that falls physically in the hands is almost synonymous with the game and was portrayed without account in films and series.

Success of slots also derives from its extreme simplicity; Although we can invent so many themes and combinations of premiums as we want, the principle of playing a currency to achieve a randomly generated symbols by the machine remains immutable since it was invented the modern "slot machine" in 1887, U.S. The way to play could not be simpler too: just enter coins or chips and expect luck to come, anticipating it. Sit in front of the machine and good luck!

Is it possible to play online slots?

Of course yes! As with roulette, the bingo or poker, online slot machines made their "migration" to the world online with great success.

You can tell yourself until the casino game that most easily adapted to the Internet and the electronic format. Unlike the roulette, it must obey the same principles and functioning both in a "physical" casino and in an online, an online slot machine can be developed and enriched according to the imagination of the creators.

Thus, it is possible to find not only 5 drum slot machines, or 5 cylinders (in addition to the most classic format of 3 drums), but incredible combinations of various machines simultaneously to return multiple premium combinations, for players who prefer possibilities extra. In the software and via the Internet, the imagination of programmers and the taste of players are the only limits.

Look for free slots and see how it works

If you have never played on the slot machines, or if you have already played but I would like to try a new theme, a premium system or simply a new system, take advantage of the offers of the casino platforms to play on free slot machines. As with regard to blackjack online And to other casino games, the game houses offer bonuses and promotions so you can try it out.

For example, some players can not feel the same kind of emotion ("thrill") when playing on virtual slots because they are too resembling computer games. But, and if you can experience 3D virtual slots, developed exactly to increase the sensation of realism? Nothing as they can benefit from an offer to try and feel comfortable.

How do online casino games work?

Online casino games work through a kind of software called random number generator (GNA). This system, as the name itself indicates, ensures that the hypothesis of win prizes are equal for all players, ensuring exemption and impartiality for all, respecting the "odds" defined by the house and that they naturally allow their margin to continue to operate. The GNAs work both in slot machines and other casino games.

Licensed and most renowned casinos submit their software to permanent audits on the part of the competent authorities to ensure the protection of players and to ensure conditions of justice, probity and suitability that "clandestine" or unlicensed casinos can not offer.

What are the most popular online slot machines games?

Few games will be as varied and diverse in terms of tastes and preferences with the public as the slot machines. Based on the basic principle that any theme can be transformed into a game of slots, the possibilities are endless: it reminds, for example, English football, in which there are hundreds of clubs and all of them with a small but irreducible legion of their own fans, or The fashion world, where there are dozens of world-class creators and it is not easy to determine which are the most famous among the famous ones.

But of course, by use and tradition, it is always possible to identify those games of slots, and themes, which stand out a bit of others. Let's look at some examples:

  • Slots with Halloween issues
  • Zeus
  • Cleopatra
  • The Book of Rá ("Book of RA)
  • Spartacus
  • Double Diamond
  • Wolf Run

What are software creators for most popular slot machines?

The names of the companies that develop the most popular slot machines are not known by all players, but the real fans, both the Slots and Gaming in general, associate quality work with their brand. Moreover, the Australian online Australia casinos bet on the titles of the best international houses, such as:

  • Evolution Gamings
  • Playtech
  • MicroGaming
  • NetEnt
  • Igt
  • Merkur
  • Newmatic
  • WMS

Some of these brands, such as IGT and WMS, distinguished themselves in the manufacture and management of slot machines for "physical" casinos and naturally have made the transition to the world online.

Is it possible to find online strategies to win on slot machines?

The tips for knowing how to win on online slot machines do not differ from those that can apply to physical machines. The "Nickel" machines (to use a Brazilian expression rarely used in Australia) are a game of probability, so the use of statistical strategies is very limited.

It can be said that the best tips pass, first and foremost, by choosing a good online casino platform (licensed, duly audited and with prestige) and also by an approach in terms of responsible game. This includes small standards, such as:

  • Book a fixed budget to play in slots. Determine how much money you can spend to try luck and do not "deviate" other funds beyond this budget. Consider it as your "budget for fun", as if it were an exit to a restaurant or a cinema.
  • Stop at the right time. Do not throw on slots to solve some personal problem or to try to fight negative or depressive emotions. Always consider it as a fun, and do not play successively hours on end.

Standard deviation strategy

The standard deviation strategy is a means of, using determination, concentration and some money, greatly increase the likelihood of getting return from your bets on the slots, but remember that success is not 100% guaranteed and that will always depend of the 'odds' established by the house for the slot in question. It works as follows:

  • Look for a slot machine where you receive a value proportional to the number of currencies you bet on a line, the call machine "equal value".
  • Determine the pattern of plays between two prizes; Play to get a prize and then tell the number of rounds until a prize come out again.
  • By repeating the procedure in a significant number of times (some experts recommend a minimum of 10 premiums in Slots), it will have been able to determine the average number of plays between prizes.

Choose your favorite game circumstance

Not being a strategy itself, it is a way for the player to control over how he wants to play in slots. For example, do you prefer to play in scratch card or in Euromillions? If you like more than scratch and prefer to win a lot of frequently, but smaller, you should choose a low variance. If they prefer Euromillions and does not care that premiums are rarer, but very valuable, should then choose a high variance.

Another possibility is the choice between a slot machine with Fixed Maximum Payment or one progressive jackpot. The jackpot is potentially more attractive, especially when there are several online slots machines linked together, sometimes even different casinos. However, the likelihood of getting the premium are also smaller than in the case of fixed maximum payment. Ultimately, the first scenario is more likely to be lucrative, albeit with minor premiums; But if you are playing in the slots for the excitement of power to get a super premium, be sure to look for progressive jackpots!

Play in Licensed Australian Casinos

When playing in casinos based and licensed to operate in Australia, players guarantee greater possibilities for winning premiums (since compliance with the law, in terms of respect for established ODDs and payment deadlines, is the one that distinguishes the serious houses from the remaining) .

But they also have the possibility to play in Australian, which for some can still be considered a novelty, since for many years this type of platforms was only available abroad. Not only the games and rules were presented in English, such as the terms and conditions of the sites and the customer service itself were not available in the language of Camões. Being able to interact with the casino totally in Australian and under the protection of Australian law are two huge advantages of playing in Australian online licensed casinos, which will have highlighted in our portal.

Common questions

What are free slots?

Free slots are slot machines games in which one can play without investing money, and without the possibility of winning cash prizes as well. Free Slot Machines games are intended for novice players who want to understand the rules of the game and feel comfortably before playing with serious money. They are also useful for more experienced players who, however, want to try a new game.

Where can I play free "Slot Machines" games?

You can find hundreds of free slot games games right here, on our website. We have "slots" of more than 35 international companies suppliers of casino games, which can be selected by supplier. After learning the rules and feel comfortable, you can try these games on the best online casino platforms in Australia.

Are the free "slots" are the same as real money slots?

Yes. Free "Slot Machines" games are simply free versions of normal games. Being free, users can experience them without risk and no worries, so that they can "pass" to versions with real money when they feel comfortable with their operation.

How to play "Slots" online?

The "Slot Machine" games are the simplest of all. It is not necessary to estimate or use memory to achieve wins or even large jackpot. Just decide how much you want to bet, click on the "spin" button to rotate the virtual machine and wait for the result, hoping that luck smiled! The premiums are paid according to the payments table that is presented with each game.

Are the "slots" really random?

Yes. "Slot Machines" electronic games work with RNG software (random number generator), which ensures its impartiality and fair treatment for players. The software and games are regularly audited by Srij (game regulation and inspection service), an entity responsible for granting the licenses for the legal use of online Australia casinos. In this way the protection of users are ensured.

Can I play "Slot Machines" without downloading?

Yes. Through the tablet or mobile phone, you can choose an online casino platform that allows you to play through a "responsive" site, optimized for a mobile environment. If you prefer to play through the PC or portable computer, most platforms allows you to play through the site itself.

Can I win when playing on slot machines?

Of course yes! There are always good odds to win in any "slots" game in a licensed and quality casino. As mentioned above, RNG software ensures that the player can earn at any time. However, remember that globally the probability points to a long-term home victory.

What are the best "slot machines"?

With so much diversity of titles, with different themes, premiums, paylines ("paylines"), bonus rounds, it is difficult to say what are the best games of "slots". It depends a lot on user preferences. Anyway, our expert team has already made a pre-selection that can help you choose the most suitable for you.

What online "Slots" games pay larger prizes?

"Slot Machines" that pay larger prizes are progressive, which accumulate a certain value to assign in the form of Jackpot. Sometimes these "Slots" games congregate different platforms or titles for a common jackpot. On our website you can find more detailed information about progressive jackpots and other prizes.

What does the RTP rate of a slot machine?

RTP means "Return to Player" (return to the player). The rate indicates the percentage of revenue that a game should return to the whole of the players in the long run. For example, a "slot" with an RTP rate of 94.75% will assign, on average and over a certain period of time, premiums in the value of 94.75% of the money that players are at risk.

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