American roulette - and why not?

Roulette, one of the most iconic and classic casino games, was established in Europe in the eighteenth century and quickly extended to the United States of America, a young country, open to innovations and lover of risk and strong emotions. The North American version has become dominant throughout the continent and continues to be frequently found at the physical casinos of the United States.
Although the margin of the house is higher than the European roulette, and the consequent bad fame that this variant has gained with the players, the differences are not so so many. In this sense, if your online casino platform has an American roulette table, this will not prevent you from having fun and getting good prizes if luck is on your side!

What are the main rules of this casino game?

Roulette consists of a game in which a small ball is released in a wheel divided into 38 equal houses, numbered from 1 to 36, with a house with number 0 and a second home with the so-called "double zero" (00). Players should guess at what number, or combination of numbers, may fall and make their bets according to this guess.
Once the bets are completed, the "croupier" (which represents the house) shoots the ball with speed into the wheel and turns it, so that it is clear to all that it is impossible that he can influence the house where the ball You may fall. After the ball is immobilized in a certain number, the winners will receive the respective prizes!
All houses have the same size, so all numbers are identical likely to be "drawn".

What kind of bets is it possible to do while playing on American roulette?

The bets that can be placed at an American roulette table do not differ much from its European congenere, dividing mainly between those made on the "inner" side of the game table (the internal bets) and on the "outer" side (external ). See below, with the respective payout between parentheses:

Internal bets

  • Direct: Bet on any of the numbers (35: 1);
  • Separate: bet on two numbers (17: 1);
  • Queue: bet on three numbers (11: 1);
  • Corner: Bet on a 4-figure intersection (8: 1);
  • Street: Bet in two queues, with six numbers (5: 1);

Outdoor bets

  • bet column Twelve numbers, according to the game table (2: 1);
  • bet on dozens 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36 (2: 1);
  • bet even or odd (1:1);
  • Betting in color house red or black (1:1);
  • bet on High or low, in numbers 1-18 or 19-36 (1: 1);

What are the effects of the "double zero" for players

If the ball falls in a house with the number zero, the advantage is from the house; It is zero that ensures the profit margin of the casino to roulette. The fact that there are two zero houses doubles the margin of the house. Being the identical gaming premiums in both versions, the probability of zero in the European version is 2.70%, while in the American, with two houses, it is 5.26%.
Moreover, some platforms of the European variant add extra rules that allow, in some conditions, to return part or all the 1: 1 premium bets. Therefore, if the player is able to choose, he must opt for a European variant instead of the American.

What strategies can I use on American roulette?

As is known, roulette is a pure lucky game where no strategy can offer success or, even, of power to really improve the player's hypotheses. Many sites refer to the Martingale system by placing small initial values in 1: 1 bets and doubling the value at each loss, returning to the initial value after an eventual victory. However, a succession of losses can lead the player to reach the maximum betting of the table without being able to recover what lost or simply to a colossal loss.
Others point mathematical systems, ensure that the player can circumvent the "Edge" of the house with them, but this simply does not happen. Both in a physical casino and in an online casino, since in both cases there are currently rigorous audits by the competent authorities to ensure that there are no addiction to the wheels or softwares.
Some games offer a possibility of extra bet: bet on both zeros and numbers at 1 to 3, with a 6: 1 prize. However, this option comes along with a margin for the 7.9%.

In conclusion, will be the American roulette so different from European?

In fact, and as it was clear with our analysis, the differences are not as significant as sometimes it is said. The game system is identical, the premium table as well, and with the American roulette it is possible to have fun and get good prizes. The only big difference consists of the "Edge" of the casino.
However, if we think that people have fun and bet on games with many margins superior to that of American roulette, it is safe to say that this can be a good entertainment alternative and a way to get very interesting premiums!