Troia casino

Inaugurated on 1 January 2011, Casino Troia, integrated in modern Troy Design Hotel, is a dynamic and sophisticated space, which quickly became the center of the cultural animation on the Trojan Peninsula, through a vast offer in the entertainment area.

Property of the Amorim Tourism Group, the casino occupies an area of about 4000m2. This game house is noted by bold contemporary architecture and the singular interior decoration, based on a strongly modern design.

Main attractions

The strategy bar at the same time bar and stage, is the main attraction of the casino. It is a highly sophisticated space, being resulting from an innovative multimedia project. Such a project, elaborated by light and sound experts, culminated in the implementation of three spectacular multimedia spheres, which have a diameter around 3.5 meters, and a truly giant screen, which measures about 170m2.

It is a place filled with glamor and emotion, which captives immense all visitors. Live music and multimedia animation, in charge of DJs and VJs, which occur every week, provide unequaled moments of conviviality to customers of this betting house.

Games available

At the casino, the play area consists of 226 slot machines and 16 game tables. However, to enter the complex and be able to try your luck, visitors are required the following Code Dress: informal, elegant, wearing closed footwear, without shorts and no sportswear.

Cultural agenda

The casino has a spectacle center, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This is a space endowed with enormous versatility, capable of functioning as a showroom, dining area or auditorium.

Regularly, the center of shows welcomes differentiated events: theater, DJs, live music, stand up comedy, street shows, among others, who intend to captivate differentiated public. There are singers and renowned groups: Paulo Gonzo; LADY; António Zambujo; Michel Wiliam Trio; Gabriel the thinker; Marta Gautier; etc.