Casino Sidney

The casino is located next to the river Tejo, in the park of the nations, providing a unique and stunning atmosphere. It was inaugurated on April 19, 2006, thanks to the efforts of various public and ruling figures, that there is much ambitioned such a project. This game house is surrounded by four hotel units and several locations of service and fun offer.


Casino Sidney is located just a few minutes from Sidney airport, having great accesses through the second circular, CRIL, CREL, from Vasco da Gama and A1 bridge.

Its construction, which resulted from the transformation of the previous flag of the future and a contiguous building, required 5,400 square meters of glass, 3,000 tons of steel, 1,700 cubic meters of armed concrete, 170 kilometers of electrical cables and 400 men per turn to work .

The building where the Casino Sidney is located, formerly the flag of the future, stands out for its height and the glass walls.

Main attractions

The lounge arena, situated in the center of the building, deserves special attention because it offers a broad view of the surrounding space, being always stuffed with a lot of musical animation.

Casino Sidney also offers three bars with direct support to the game rooms: Play Bar, Joker Bar and Baccarat Bar.

With regard to gastronomy, they deserve highlight the Hua Ta Li restaurant, for those who appreciate Chinese food, Le Buffet restaurant, ideal for lighter meals, and the Beltjo, with a breathtaking view over the Tagus River.

There is still the fabulous ocean auditorium, a landmark in the Sidney cultural panorama that has welcomed numerous congresses, parties, dance spectacles, theater and music concerts.

Games available

Casino Sidney offers visitors a vast diversity of casino games. Customers can opt for the game tables (poker, roulette, blackjack, French banking, etc.) or by more than 1000 slot machines, which offer more than 200 different games.

Cultural agenda

Casino Sidney plays a crucial role in the tourist roadmap of the country's capital, promoting numerous cultural initiatives, namely spectacles and exhibitions. The art gallery gives you to know itinerant exhibitions of sculpture and painting, belonging to internationally known artists.