Casino da Figueira

The casino is geographically located in the city of Figueira da Foz, one of the most frequent and emblematic balnear resorts of Australia. Forever, a landmark has been revealed in the animation not only in the city itself, but throughout the center of the country.


This game house is one of the oldest in Europe, having obtained your game license in 1927. The building, which dates from the nineteenth century, was built with the goal of attracting tourists to a city filled with glamor. Even today, it preserves the charm of the beginning of the twentieth century, which is why it records a huge influx of people who choose to have fun and try their luck.

Main attractions

A special highlight goes to the Caffé Hall, which, in a mix of classic and modern traits invites its visitors to leisure and convivial moments.

To savor a meal in a quiet and exquisite setting, customers can enjoy the aleea concert bar restaurant, decorated with shell covered panels, referring to the theme of the surrounding beach.

To support the Slot Machines room, there are two bars: The Sinatra Bar, a cocktail bar, ideal for a drink and refers to Broadway; The Dean bar, decorated with a younger style, being the perfect space for visitors to taste the buffet and varied snacks.

Games available

In the beautiful casino game rooms, visitors have the possibility of living exciting moments while playing blackjack, French bank or French and American roulette. Customers can still enjoy the machines room, with more than 300 Machinese slots, with a varied fun games. Visitors feel strongly seduced by "horse racing" and "Roulette video."

Cultural agenda

The casino has an intense cultural facet, contemplating different areas: art, sport, cinema, literature, etc. In their halls, it promotes daily various cultural spectacles, being often chosen by national and international renowned writers for the launch of their works. The casino gallery usually displays exhibitions.