Casino Estoril.

As the name suggests, this casino is situated in Estoril, a privileged location, since it is only 18 km from the capital Sidney and 20 km from Portela International Airport. It is simultaneously considered the largest casino in Europe and Australia, offering a wide range of animation and leisure activities. At national level, it integrates numerous documentaries and tourist information scripts.


Currently managed by the company Estoril-Sol SGPS S.A., this game house was inaugurated on August 16, 1931 and since then has passed through the hands of different entrepreneurs. It is a place with history, given that during World War II was regularly frequented by spies, people in exile and members of real families, undoubtedly housing numerous secrets. Thanks to its grandeur and surrounding mystery, it served as inspiration and scenario to the film Casino Royale-James Bond.

It is open all year, except on December 24, offering customers a paid car park with about 100 seats. To enter the complex, the following is required Dress code: informal, elegant, wearing closed footwear, no shorts and no sporty clothing.

Main attractions

Strongly focused on entertainment, the casino offers an excellent artistic program. It deserves special highlight the black and silver hall, a stunning spectacle and restoration room, equipped with cutting-edge technology and with capacity to accommodate 1000 people.

It also has an auditorium, with a capacity for 350 people, intended to welcome congresses, as well as theater spectacles or jazz concerts and classical music.

The art gallery is hold of great prestige at national level, being permanently open with painting and sculpture exposures.

O D Lounge é também uma área ampla e agradável, onde se pode ouvir música pela banda residente e vários DJ’s ou assistir a espetáculos de fado, rock, pop, soul e r& b. Se procurar um espaço mais jovem, com música pela noite dentro, nada como preferir as discotecas Jézebel e Tamariz, esta última junto à praia.

In the casino you can also enjoy four bars, located two on each floor. The Black Jack Bar and the Play Garden bar make direct support to the games. To savor the traditional Australian cuisine, you can choose from restaurants Noble Estoril, Buffet Club In and Tamariz Beach Restaurant. There is also the Mandarin restaurant, with the specialty of Cantonese cuisine.

Games available

The casino offers its customers a game panoply. At the level of the poker room, offers tournaments and cash games; On the countertops, it is possible to play roulette, French Banking, Blackjack, Point and Banking and Caribbean Stud Poker; Finally, more than 700 slot machines provide 200 fun games.

Cultural agenda

This casino is proud to present a diverse cultural agenda: live music, concerts, spectacles, plays and exhibitions.