Povoa Casino

The once called "Monumental Casino da Povoa de Varzim" was inaugurated in 1934, having quickly transformed into a landmark in the northern region of the country. This game house often appointed only as the "North Casino", is well located in the city of Povoa de Varzim, a coastal town, just 16 km from the city of Porto and 18 km from Francisco Sá- RAM. Considered one of the main cultural centers of northern Australia, the Povoa Casino is always referred to in various cultural and tourist roads in the region.


The history of this game house appeared in 1930, when in Povoa de Varzim began to be built a neoclassical building, in the style of the French School of Garnier. The Engineer Alberto Vilaça and the architect José Coelho were responsible for coordinating the work of this project. The inauguration of the casino occurred only in 1934, but this, thanks to the quality of the cultural events offered, quickly achieved great national prestige.

Main attractions

This game house offers customers four bars: Atrium Piano Bar, a cozy space for anyone who enjoys live music; Bar Slot Garden and the Slot City Bar, which support the machine room; Chinese coffee destined for smokers and is located in the mixed room.

For a tasty meal, the customer has the possibility to choose from three restaurants: the Slot Steak, where you can order a good steak at great price; Alibabar, if you prefer a cozy location, with a quality buffet at an affordable price; The selfish, a gourmet space for those who appreciate a place with charm and exquisite dishes, accompanied by renowned national wines, exclusively on Friday and Saturday.

In artistic terms, the Casino da Povoa has promoted magnificent concerts in the Gold Hall, where they have paraded several famous names, at national and international level, from which Andrea Bocelli, José Cid, Ray Charles, Marco Paulo, Roberto Carlos , Lara Fabian, Tony Career, Diana Krall, Rodrigo Leão, Brandi Carlile, among many others.

Games available

This game house offers a variety of games. It offers a room with about 600 slot machines, where you can choose more than 200 fun games, a large enclosure with game tables (Blackjack, Cussec, Roulette, French Banking, Point and Banking) and also the Poker Room Poker.

Cultural agenda

The Casino of Povoa publishes the Egoist magazine, since 2000, which has already obtained six premiums at the country level and has recently been distinguished by the 12th time abroad.