Casino Bonus: Learn how to play for free

The casino, through luck and chance, attributes small and large prizes to players and bettors that invest their money. But how can Casino captivate new players to try out their players? Or reward the most frequent players, offering them the possibility of playing a little more without investing extra money? Or even encourage a player, doubling the number of plays that your money invested can do?
The bonuses were created to meet these and other possibilities. For players, the possibility of playing for free is always tempting. Learn all about these types of offers on our portal.

Online Casino Bonus

The Internet Casino Platforms from an early time they understood the benefits of presenting generous bonus online. In the early days of online Australia casinos, the goal was to invite potential players to overcome the fears of novelty by encouraging them with offers. Nowadays, now that no one has any fears about the operation of online Australia casinos, namely because they are licensed and audited by the authorities, the goal is to capture new players in a great competitive market.
The benefit is for the user, who can choose from several online promotions and choose their favorites.

Casino Australian games

Do not have any experience with casino games? Or maybe you're used to playing on the roulette, but now you want to try the Blackjack. It does not matter; Just a certain platform have the possibility to experience free casino games so that it is easier to learn something again.

Types of bonus

Here are some of the most frequent types of bonuses and to which you should be aware when searching for a good online game platform.

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is one of the most frequent. It is almost a rule that all new players start by experiencing a new casino in this way. Usually, the house offers 100% of the value deposited by the new player (doubling it, in practice.) Let's see an example:

  • The player registers, creating a new account.
  • The player accepts the 100% welcome bonus. Then it makes your first deposit in the amount of € 100.
  • Start playing, with a total balance of € 200.

The values offered by the house have almost always a maximum ceiling (for example, offering 100% up to 250 €.

Bonuses without deposit

The non-deposit bonus allows the player to try casino games without having to make a pre-cash deposit. It is one of the most generous types of bonuses that an online casino platform can offer because it makes a real offer of services without asking for anything in return. And risking to lose money with the customer, because the GNA software (random number generator) is sovereign and can "decide" in your favor.
These bonuses are usually smaller than the welcome bonuses, but they are a form of the player to try different games, see how the platform itself works, even feel totally comfortable.

Deposit bonus

What if you could get back to the welcome bonus? The deposit bonus is a kind of replication of these conditions. That is, when depositing X, the house offers a certain% of this value. The conditions will be different (some casinos can always offer this bonus if it makes deposits above a certain value, others can offer on special occasions or promotions, etc.) but the principle remains.

Reference bonus

Everyone knows that a good recommendation of a product or service when made by a friend is, today, one of the best marketing tools. Recognizing this reality, online Australia casinos can also offer bonus by each person who registers through their recommendation. For example:

  • The player indicates the player B that registers at the casino (usually with a promotional code (so that the casino can associate player B to player A and attribute his supply).
  • Player B reaches the amount of 200 euros deposit, even if at the end of some deposits.
  • At this point, the player receives a reference bonus of 20 euros.

In some cases, it may happen that player B from the above example also receives an extra bonus equal to the player A, so that they both gain to win.

Free spins

The "Free Sprins", or free rounds, as the name indicates, are specific bonuses of "slot machines". The casino offers a certain number of free rounds in the slot machines, if the player makes a certain deposit or to "call" players to try out a new slot machine. The "Free Spins" are also frequent as the "alternative" premium in the slots, in which certain combinations do not give money but rather the possibility of playing again for free.

How does a casino bonus work?

Each platform has its rules regarding the application or reach of its various bonuses. For example, only other games may apply, or deposits until (or from) certain amounts. For these reasons, it is always necessary to carefully check the conditions offered by the house for each type of bonus. It can be said that the only condition that is always equal and mandatory to take advantage of an offer of this genre is to register on the platform, creating a player account.

Choose carefully and enjoy deals only from licensed casinos to Australia

Our website presents all information on casino bonus and online promotions offered by Casinos with Licensed Activity in Australia. When searching for "Betting Online Australia" you can find other types of offerings, but here we want to separate the wheat from the tares and ensure that your bets are made safely and with complete honesty from the house - something that the illegal platforms, whose softwares They are not audited, they can not guarantee. We want you to take the best party from your plays; Consult our reports, and good luck!

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