Blackjack: Learn to Play - Play Free

Blackjack is one of the oldest casino games, and also one of the most popular. Some fans of the game argue that although it is a game of chance and can not be considered a sport like poker, Blackjack is a kind of hybrid or half-term among the "pure" and poker games. After all, here the player can review his play according to his letters, holding some control over his destination.
The game is part of the family of card games, such as Joker Poker, in which are turned down cards and the player should anticipate the end result. However, here are several possibilities of winning after the letters begin to be shown.
Blackjack's fascination also comes from the fact that players are facing the casino directly. Contrary to what happens in one "Slot machine"Or roulette, where the player knows that there is an" odd "of victory but does not have a visible opponent, in this card game the player needs to overcome the result of the casino, represented by the dealer. It's as if the casino was not just the place where luck can come, but the opponent that luck helps to win. The feeling of defeating the casino is stronger!

Is it possible to play blackjack online?

Of course yes! All major online casino platforms include Blackjack Online, as it is one of the most traditional games. They are the cases of, Betfair and Bet365, but also of several casinos in Australian. As with the remaining table games and others that can be found in these platforms, in Blackjack Online the computer replaces the dealer.
The house uses software called random (GNA) generator, both for this and for any other game, which guarantees a random result according to the rules of the house and the Odds established for Blackjack Online. Of course, this software is at the center of audits and inspections to which the most prestigious casinos are voluntarily submitted to ensure the transparency and legality of the process and to protect players.

Special Offers

And as usually happens in the online environment, casinos show themselves prodigous in promotions so that their users try to play free blackjack and feel comfortable and willing to risk more. Bonus without deposit, bonuses of offer and other offers will be at your disposal to get to know the game in the background.

Know the rules and strategy of the game

The purpose of Blackjack is to get a card superior to the "dealer" from the house without exceeding 21 points. For this reason, the game is often called "twenty-one".
The player starts to make his bet. Then the dealer will deliver the cards to all players and also for himself, two for each one. The dealer shows one of his letters and keeps the other ("hole card") facing down. At this time, each player can see his cards and decide whether to ask ("hit") a new card, stop ("stand"), duplicate ("double") or split ("split").

Values of Letters

The system of values in the "Black Jack" (as is also called) is quite simple. The Ace is worth 11 points, while the figures (King, Lady and Valet) are worth 10 points each. As for the remaining letters, they have the facial value of their points, from 10 to 2. In some variants, or if the "dealer" thus indicates, the ace may be valued only 1 point. A combination of 21 points (for example, an Ace and a figure) is called "Blackjack", being the maximum limit that the player can get without losing his hand, and being therefore the ideal move.

What is the best strategy to win?

Experts suggest some strategies, even taking into account that Blackjack, like any other casino game, should last if it provides a profit to the house.

  • Keep a "hard" hand from 17 or more points: the odds of getting better are reduced.
  • Divide the ASES and eight, as it may have two chances of winning the "pot"; However, experts recommend never split the ten.
  • Give the "Dealer" the possibility of asking for another card when you have a "soft" hand as you can take advantage of the opportunity to duplicate or divide.

How to win the Blackjack with the greatest probability of success?

The best way to try to win the Blackjack is counting the cards. However, besides being extremely complicated to make and mentally very exhausting, casinos do not accept this way to play. If the player is discovered, he can be expelled and prevented from playing in the future. That was what happened to the famous actor Ben Affleck, who admitted in 2014, to have been forbidden to play by Las Vegas casinos from the moment they realized that he had the ability to count the letters.
In addition, in the present physical casinos, the shuffling of the cards is often done automatically by a machine, which drastically reduced the ability to deceive the house in this way.
To win, do not forget an important factor: to know the table very well, the rules and the "odds" of the house, both in a physical casino and when playing blackjack online, because each casino acts slightly different and this could have a Great influence on the end result.

Is it possible to tell letters when playing blackjack online?

No. It would be possible to try to keep a record of the letters coming out; However, contrary to what happens when playing against a "true" or "human" dealer, if we want to be stringent - in blackjack online the player does not know when the cards are shuffled and drawn again, so it is useless to try to tell .

The main variants of Blackjack

O Blackjack Triplo 7 It is very similar to the classical version, with the difference that the player can earn extra money through other combinations other than the 21. The "side bet" (Side Bet) is mandatory, but gains can be quite tempting!
O Blackjack Vegas Downtown, Very popular in Las Vegas, it has hindered a little more task and bring more emotion, with some extra rules:

  • Use of only two decks
  • The dealer sees the aces and the cards of points; Not for a 17 soft; You must hit a 17 soft and stop a 17 Hard;
  • Late resignation is prohibited.

There are many other variants with different types of payment depending on the bets involved. For example, in red / black the player can bet if the first letter facing the "croupier" (name given to the representative of the house in some casinos instead of "dealer") is red or black. Over / Under 13, there is also an extra bet: the player bets if his first letters give a sum of 14 or more, or 13 or less.

Is it possible to play with live dealers online?

Yea! Some online Australia casinos, namely those specialized in live games, have the option to play blackjack live, with a human "dealer" to face, through a video broadcast, players who make their bets remotely through the Internet. There is no doubt that it is a very interesting option for those who want to play blackjack online and also feel the pleasure of facing a real opponent and beat it, so it will be recommended to look for the best casino platforms to be able to play with this option.