Payment Mode: Banking Boleto

The bank slip is a means of payment intended for Brazilian players who access Australia's online Australia casinos. The ticket functions as a temporary credit card, and it is not necessary the player to have an effective credit card to be able to make payments. In fact, the player does not even need to have a bank account; Just really need to have the money that will be loaded in the bank slip.
In addition to this simplicity, the bank slip is easy to create and use, it has high levels of security and the costs for the user are fairly low.

How does the bank slip work?

The bank slip is obtained by unloading software, which runs in Java (being required to have Java updated and allow the "browser" to run this program). After the software is operational, the user will have at your disposal the direct ticket options, web ticket and free ticket. This last alternative is free, being often the most chosen by Brazilian casino players online.

After choosing the option, the user will be asked how much the amount you want to deposit. After chosen the amount, the application emits a bank slip, with a single code and the respective value.

With these elements, the user can go to the bank and make the payment. If you do not even have a bank account, payment can simply be done at the counter. Alternatively, you can also make a bank transfer having the ticket code as a recipient.

Once the payment is fulfilled, the money will be loaded into the user's casino account.

What are the advantages of the bank slip?

In addition to being quick and easy, this means of payment is quite safe because the user's data is required only for the boletus itself and, well understood, for the player's casino account. There is no data exchange between the computer and casino computer systems online. In addition, fees payable for using this system are very small.